Exercise makes you more healthy than a weight loss

If men want to be healthy, they should exercise every day and make sure to get the heart rate up just a few times a week.

This makes them healthier than if they modify diets to lose weight, according to new research. There is good news for students who live on spaghetti and meat sauce and bad food from the canteen, to fathers who have difficulty finding the energy to make delicious dishes for the whole family after a long day at the office and for single-guy that goes a little too much in the city and eat too much junk food: If you make sure to exercise every day and a few times a week get the pulse up high when running, cycling or swimming, then your body actually becomes more healthy than if you calorie restrict to lose you.

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Exercise if you do not have the energy to eat differently So reads the report from a team of Irish researchers, who first made through controlled studies of how diet and exercise affect obese men between 20 and 40 years.

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“Of course one must eat as healthy as possible, but if you have a life where it’s hard to find the energy or the energy to change the diet, you should know that it is much healthier to use his energy in physical activity instead for to eat differently to lose weight, “notes Andrew McGannon, who has done research as a PhD student at Boston University’s department of systems biology research in Biomedical Sciences.

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The results have just been published in the online version of the prestigious journal Obesity. They are based on three months of intensive tests, including Blood and muscle samples from 48 obese men who in different groups either changed the energy balance through exercise and diets (see figure below right) – or not changed anything in their lives.


Three tips from the researcher says”:

1) Please take two consecutive days with high intensity training. It provides space for two days to refund training so that the muscles are ready for the next days.

2) Eat well right after training and observe the fluid balance. It provides faster recovery.

3) Get enough sleep every night The analyzes clearly show that exercise is the best way to keep track of blood sugar levels in the body by keeping insulin resistance and glucose intolerance down – or in other words.

Exercise is far better than dietary changes to keep serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes at bay.

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