The primary function of balustrade is to stop you from falling of a staircase or floor edge.


At EeStairs we prefer to take things even more. Why should not a balustrade be both risk-free and appealing? You have plenty of selection in product, colour, shape as well as style.

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EeStairs ® balustrades can be made use of as a specific part of the stairs, independent from the architectural elements. Independently it can be an attractive enhancement to the room in a house, store, office or public building. The selection of material, design and also complete all play a major role in this.

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EeStairs has many copyrighted balustrade heating and cooling units that can be used in a range of circumstances. The simplest version is a straight balustrade along a flooring side. A rounded balustrade increasing with a staircase can improve the appearance of an interior. The exact same holds true for the products used. Stainless-steel incorporated with glass gives balustrade a much more exclusive look. A style generated in common steel is obviously feasible, but probably a little much less special as well as certainly less costly.

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There are likewise lots of options when it concerns the coating. Powder-coating for instance, is a much more exclusive option to a hand repainted coating. And outside, a totally galvanised balustrade will certainly look extremely remarkable. Would you like it to be really exclusive? After that a bead blew up or brushed stainless-steel balustrade will certainly give amazing outcomes.